Following the identification of the first Covid-19 case in Morocco back in early March, the American Moroccan Competencies Network (AMCN) set up a special committee “Covid-19 Task Force” composed of competencies with key expertise in areas necessary to complement the already existing efforts locally in Morocco to fight this global pandemic. 

AMCN’s Covid-19 Task Force identified key areas in which our members can have an immediate impact and help ease the consequences that this pandemic could potentially have on Moroccans both in the U.S. and in Morocco. The members of the task force are AMCN members with expertise in the following areas:

  1. Medical and Biomedical research 
  2. Engineering (mechanical, electrical and design to mention only a few)
  3. Information Technology and E-learning
  4. Academic Research and Grant Writing to seek funding from USA and other funding institutions designed for Covid-19 vaccine development and fast track design of medical protective equipment and devices. 
  5. Covid-19 related education and awareness, designated for community outreach

Covid-19 Task Force On-going Projects 

1. Ventilator assembly and respirator repair labs 
2. Medical Face shields and disinfection stations production 
3. Awareness and medical advice 

AMCN recorded a series of educational videos in Arabic/darija with our American Moroccan doctors and medical scientists, covering the frequently asked questions around Covid-19 in a simplified language that the general public can understand. These videos are published on our social media and shared with our Moroccan partners in Morocco. In addition to the video series, AMCN members have been guests at MFM radio to talk about these efforts and to highlight AMCN’s availability to help and partner with local organizations,  to the general public in Morocco. These are some examples of the recorded Radio talks about AMCN/Covid-19 task force: 

4. Covid-19 rapid testing and screening
5. Grant writing 
6. E-Learning in Morocco