AMCN is a non-profit organization registered in the state of New York. It was officially launched on June 23, 2012. AMCN is structured as a virtual network that provides a platform to bring together the Moroccan community from all different regions of the U.S. AMCN includes associations and individuals with occupations spanning a wide variety of complementary expertise and knowledge to the development of the home land, Morocco and to promote and advance the endeavors of the Moroccan community in the US.
The main objective of AMCN mission is to contribute to the socio-economic development of Morocco through the advancement of science, technology, innovation, creativity, higher education, and R&D. Furthermore, AMCN is a community-based initiative in the US with the goal to harness the potential of our community and promote our competencies and expertise in the US to employers and potential partners.

AMCN has been working with the Ministry of Moroccans Residing Abroad to identify Moroccan Competencies in the United States and pair them with Institutions in Morocco both in the public and private sectors to partner and participate in the socioeconomic development of Morocco.
Different U.S. initiated projects are retained by various Moroccan Institutions during our annual competencies forum. The projects span a wide range of topics relevant to Morocco, from Entrepreneurship, Science, Technology and Innovation to Renewable Energy, Higher Education and Agriculture”.

As a Competency living in the United States, AMCN is your gateway to Morocco.

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Our members are presented with exclusive opportunities from Morocco. Entrepreneurs are able to seize those opportunities and launch projects and initiatives in Morocco and the United States.

Timely Feedback

We provide not just efficient service, but also stable resources for development of your business; especially if you have a startup, a small business or a joint venture.

Government Access

A bridge between competencies in the U.S. and Moroccan institutions, governmental and private


We value the confidentiality of our members. Member data and project details will never be shared with third parties without prior written consent.


AMCN publishes a quarterly newsletter that brings up-to-date information about major development projects in Morocco.

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